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Agro-ecology crucial to food security

Whether one calls it agro-ecology, sustainable farming or organic farming, a move away from industrial agriculture towards environmentally and socially conscious farming is necessary to ensure food security, according to a recent article in the New York Times by Mark Bittman.

The current industrial method of agriculture is not sustainable in its requirements for chemical fertilizers, irrigation, water, crop dryers and transportation, according to the news source.

Bittman cites the fact that our present level of consumption requires about 1.5 earths in order to sustain it. All the while, more than one billion people are currently hungry and about 50 percent of all food is wasted.

Bittman's agro-ecology solution involves more manual labor - meaning more farmers - and more intellectual labor, in terms of developing smarter, environmentally sustainable ways of farming.

As food prices around the world continue to soar, and the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization Food Price Index is reaching an all-time high since 1990, people are taking agro-ecology and sustainable farming much more seriously.
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