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Aid is slowly getting to those in need in Somalia

Small steps toward reducing the number of famine-stricken people in Somalia is shown in the now-chubby face of baby Minhaj Gedi Farah, The Washington Post reports.

Just three months ago this infant was in dire shape - a skeletal frame and little hope from his mother that he would survive.

"His mother never thought he would recover. Every member of his family is happy," Sirat Amin, a nurse-nutritionist with the International Rescue Committee, told the publication. "He can sit without being supported, he can have Plumpynut [nutritional supplement] on his own. He's crawling."

Continued droughts since the beginning of the year have left millions of citizens without food security, clean water or access to proper shelters, and many still reside in makeshift camps.

Despite the hardships, more aid has been coming in recently to provide those in these dire conditions with the means to survive. According to the source, the UN has said that even with fighting and heavy rains in the area, food is getting to 2.2 million of the 4 million Somalis who need it.

The UN reports that this famine has been the worst emergency to hit Somalia in over a generation. Thus far, the humanitarian group has gotten $779 million of the $1 billion it needs to help everyone in the country.
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