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Aid workers emphasize integration for Maoist female ex-soldiers

Aid workers are emphasizing the need for female Maoist ex-combatants in Nepal to achieve successful re-integration in their communities and are working to help them achieve financial independence.

According to IRIN News, one third of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) was comprised of women, who are now grappling with the difference in gender roles expected of them at home versus the relative equality they experienced in battle.

Some women have faced rejection from their neighbors and families, who did not permit them to enter the house, the news source reports.

"We hoped to dismantle the old society and replace [it] with a new progressive society that respects equal rights of women,” ex-combatant Shanta Karki told IRIN in reference to the society's deeply ingrained patriarchal values.

According to the news source, aid workers are vying for a holistic approach to counseling to help the women reintegrate.
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