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Assistance needed now for families in Africa

Global GirlfriendStacey Edgar , founder of Global Girlfriend, tackles the issues of aid and economic growth in Africa in a recent essay for The Daily Reader.

As president of Global Girlfriend, Edgar goes around the world to help women build businesses and achieve economic security by creating a sustainable market for their products. Edgar predicts that long-term solutions to the problems of famine and poverty will be found in empowering women to support their families and educate their children.

However, she makes it clear that "For victims of the famine there is no time for discussion of right or wrong aid.  Rhetoric won’t nourish a starving mother so that she can nurse her hungry infant, and discourse won’t fill the bellies of her starving children; only food and clean water can tackle the direct and daily needs of this famine’s victims."

In planning her own giving, and encouraging others to donate to famine relief, Edgar focuses on the immediate benefits of supporting organizations like Mercy Corps in their relief efforts. "While I am a proponent of finding long term, sustainable economic solutions for Africa, my giving during this crisis will be for loftier goals – helping one woman ... keep her family alive today," she concluded.

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