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Burkina Faso government being proactive to prevent food insecurity

In an attempt to reduce food insecurity, the Burkina Faso government recently implemented a nationwide dry-season agricultural campaign to create new methods of farming despite droughts, IRIN reports.

During the last harvest season, 146 out of 351 farming communities in 10 of the 13 regions in the nation had low grain outputs, according to the government's provisional estimates. Although food security crises haven't gotten out of control just yet, government officials are creating new techniques as a precaution for the future.

Under the new plan, $2.4 million worth of high-yield seeds will be distributed to farmers to help them grow crops even if water isn't always accessible. The money will be financed by the Ministry for Agriculture and Water.

Although NGO groups see this as a positive step in the right direction, Sosthene Konate, the Oxfam humanitarian project officer, believes the government should also be investing in the installation of new irrigation systems.

These simple irrigation systems, called blue revolutions, would be set up on smallholder farmers land and would pump water from the Niger river and then reuse it, rather than waste it. The publication reports that most kits cost about $100 each and can help keep water present even during droughts.
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