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Cholera epidemic threatens food security in Haiti

The ongoing cholera epidemic in Haiti is making many rice farmers hesitant to work in the potentially contaminated paddy fields, which could in turn result in a low yield on this year's rice harvest.

According to the U.N. News Agency, many people in Haiti are also avoiding any food products that come from cholera-affected regions, which could impact commerce as well. The U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is responding with a hygiene awareness campaign together with the Haitian Ministries of Agriculture and Health to educate farmers about food safety and other precautionary hygiene information, since many radio broadcasts intended to reach the most rural, low-income areas do not transmit effectively.

"Without a timely response to the damage caused by floods and cholera to Haitian agriculture, food security could plunge, worsening the effects of last January's earthquake on the poor rural population," said the FAO on its website.

More than 2,700 people in Haiti have died and 130,000 have been infected since the outbreak of the epidemic in October, the news source reports.
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