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Clashes between ethnic groups in region of Kenya cause hundreds to flee

Ethnic clashes within the region of Isiolo in Kenya have caused hundreds of residents to flee their homes as violence intensifies, IRIN reports.

Fighting between different ethnic groups began in late 2011. Many assume it had to do with creating a rift between the Meru and Turkana people who had supposedly planned an alliance ahead of the impending presidential election. However, much of the recent violence is presumed to be a result of fighting between the Borana and the Turkana people in the region.

Capital FM News reports that clashes between different groups of cattle herders is normal, but the new wave of violence is over something more serious than land territory.

The recent February 13 attacks in Gambella, which is near Isiolo, resulted in the killing of six people and the burning of many homes. 

Aragai Lele, a widow and mother of seven, was one of the residents whose home was burned down. This has left her with food security issues among other worries. 

"I lost everything, all clothes, cooking utensils," Lele told the publication. 

A humanitarian who asked to remain anonymous added that more than 1,000 people have fled the region since the February 13 attacks.
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