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Climate changes could impact farming in Rural Cambodia

Impending climate change in Cambodia have caused new struggles for those in rural areas, IRIN reports.

The recent Cambodia Human Development Report (CHDR) addresses the problems that climate changes will hold for the vast majority of people in the country.

According to the report, approximately 80 percent of Cambodia's 14 million people live in rural communities. Most rely on farming and hunting as their main source of livelihood.

The UN Development Program suggests that as the country continues to experience shorter, more intense rainy seasons and longer drier seasons, it will result in a change in the nations agricultural system. While rises in temperatures during the dry seasons could prove to be devastating for rice crops, and the people.

"Seasonal practices are now changing and the growing cycle for rice is changing more and more," Richard Friend, co-author of the report told the news outlet. "Many farmers lose their seedlings when the rains are delayed. The rains appear to be coming later than usual in line with climate change projections for Cambodia and the region."

The report details what the government and humanitarian groups need to do to help build climate resilience in the rural areas in four main areas - water resources, agriculture, forestry and fisheries. 
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