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Conflicts in Sudan force thousands to flee

Conflicts between the Sudan People's Liberal Movement-North (SPLM-N) and the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) forced over 20,000 citizens in the Blue Nile State to flee their homes without food, water or security, IRIN reports.

"At the beginning, people chose to leave the city by car or by bus. I had things to do before leaving. Now, it is too late," a student stuck in the area told the news outlet. "Nobody can go out from the city. I am SPLM-N. The army knows it. I am afraid"

The SPLM-N was formed as the northern branch of the political party in the now independent state of South Sudan. On September 4, the National Congress Party banned SPLM-N and many members were arrested all over Sudan, according to the news outlet. While each side blames one another for the violence.

Thousands fled to Ethiopia, including humanitarian workers, as the SAF began aerial bombardments on September 2.

"Within two days alone, we have received over 20,000 refugees from Sudan to Ethiopia’s Sherkole refugee camp," Kisut Gebre Egziabher, a spokesman for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) told the news outlet.

With the drought crisis still raging in the Horn of Africa, aid workers are fearful that those in the new camps won't have access to food or water for some time.
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