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Cuba denying responsibility for lost humanitarian cargo

A barge full of humanitarian aid traveling to Haiti was lost near Cuba and an ongoing debate between the island nation and an American housing company has ensued concerning blame for the lost cargo, according to a recent report from the Associate Press.

A ship called the "Muheet" gave out a distress call last November to a Cuban boat. However, due to harsh conditions on the sea, the tugboat rescuing the cargo ship had to leave behind two barges containing $2 million worth of humanitarian supplies.

When they returned, one of the barges was able to be saved but the other was lost. The U.S.-based Harbor Homes LLC company is claiming $1.3 million in lost goods and also says that Cuba refused entry into its waters for a rescue U.S. Coast Guard team.

Cuba has a history of helping Haiti in terms of humanitarian aid. Haiti suffers from massive poverty and corruption, according to the CIA World Factbook. Cuba is in the process of eliminating about 500,000 state jobs in order to create more self-employment opportunities in the country, according to the CIA.
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