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Cyclone Giri victims in Burma in need of food

Victims numbering in the thousands are still in need of food after Cyclone Giri tore up western coastal regions of Burma nearly two months ago.

Leaders of humanitarian organizations that have been deployed to the region say the relief process has been backlogged due to a shortage in funding, and that the recovery process has barely even begun, reports.

"Humanitarian emergency assistance is forthcoming, and people are slowly starting to rebuild their communities with what little they have left and the aid they are receiving," Burma's U.N. resident coordinator Bishow Parajuli told the news source, though he cautioned that "people are in dire need of more permanent shelter structures and livelihood support."

According to the news source, the World Food Program has donated 3,000 tons of food supplies to the devastated regions and is set to give over 6,000 tons of supplies during December and January.

At least 260,000 people were affected and 45 killed in the October 22 cyclone, which destroyed 70 to 80 percent of the homes in the region, reports.
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