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Disaster continues in Thailand with more flooding

According to Thailand's government flood relief operation center, nearly 160,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of water is set to run through the capital as the rainy season continues, causing many to panic, IRIN reports.

"Floods will hit every area of Bangkok, but each area will see different levels of water," Pracha Promnok, the director of the center, told the news outlet. With more than eight million residents in the area, the flooding is leaving everyone in great danger.

"I cannot think of another emergency where I have seen it like this, where you have got the authorities and emergency services really battling to get the water to move around a city of this size," Kirsten Mildren, information officer for Southeast Asia at the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, told the publication. "It is really incredible."

Despite efforts from workers to keep the city's irrigation system pumping, the amount of water rushing in is too much for it to handle. Now, government officials are urging residents to seek higher ground as more water is set to continue to pour. Of the 76 provinces in the nation, 28 have been severely flooded since monsoon season started in July.

Humanitarians are working to provide relief to those in the area, though getting supplies in has been difficult with airports closed down - some with runways completely submerged, the source reports.
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