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Displaced Cote D'Ivore citizens face more hardships

More than five months after a post-election civil conflict ended in Cote D'Ivoire, nearly half a million residents remain displaced for fear of violence igniting upon their return, IRIN reports.

While away from their homes, those displaced are facing even more problems as food security, access to clean water and sanitary stations are lacking in their places of refuge.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that it has received just 10 percent of the $41.6 million in funds it was promised to put toward providing food and helping those displaced return home or build adequate shelters where they currently reside.

"Among those interviewed, food is the overwhelming priority, with 77 percent of returnees and 83 percent of displaced people saying they do not have enough to eat," Philippe Conraud, Oxfam's regional humanitarian coordinator for West Africa, told the publication. "Shelter is another major challenge hindering sustainable returns."

Due to the IOM's lack of funding, relief distributions have been scaled down to focus on only the most vulnerable populations. This could cause more problems as those who are currently fairing better may take a turn for the worse because they won't have as much access to food or medical aid during the pull back. 
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