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Displaced Myanmar citizens running out of food

Aid groups set up between the border of Myanmar and China are running out of supplies such as food, water and medicine to support over 25,000 displaced people, IRIN reports.

Residents of the eastern Kachin State have been fleeing since June 9 attacks from the Burmese Army, and many have been residing in the jungle and towns along the border.

Thus far, civil departments from the Kachin Independence Organization, have been supplying those displaced with food and materials to make camps, but with so many people still without homes, funds have run out.

"The situation is worsening now because no one here has the capacity to support them," La Rip, coordinator for the Relief Action Network for IDPs and Refugees (RANIR), told the news outlet. "People are getting only a small amount of rice a day, without any nutritional support, we are at the moment worried about their food security and shelter, with winter advancing."

Since early June, seven children have died from diarrhea and malaria. At one camp, 2,000 people are sharing 10 toilets, a humanitarian aid worker told the news outlet.

As fighting continues, residents are too scared to go back to their villages, even as the risks of staying at the camps worsen.
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