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Displaced Somalians forced to flee again

More than 5,000 displaced Somalian families were recently forced to move again as fighting between militant groups loyal to the government and Al-Shabab troops broke out, IRIN reports.

Refugees had been residing in camps along the Kenya-Somalia border in Eil Waq after drought forced them from their homes. On September 11, battle broke out in the region which caused the displaced to move once again. Most have fled back deeper into Somalia and also into parts of Kenya and since the battle, no one has returned to Eil Waq.

"There are constant rumours that the fighting will resume any time and people are afraid," Mohamed Ahmed Baadiyow, the team leader of Dialog Forening (DF), a local humanitarian group told the publication. "It is that fear [of violence] that is keeping them away and in areas where they have no access to any assistance."

Families who fled now have no access to food, water or sanitation stations, meaning there could soon be a rise in food insecurity and the spread of disease.

"Many of the children are suffering from respiratory diseases and diarrhea and hunger-related diseases," Aban Abdi Adan, an area medical worker told the news source. Adan added that although resources in the area were limited, refugees who have fled the violence are now in areas with nothing.
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