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Displaced families in Yemen in dire need of food, clean water

As fighting between the Yemen pro-government Republican Guard and rebel fighters has intensified since January, more Yemeni families have left their homes to flee the violence, IRIN reports.

With the sudden moves come new problems for the displaced families, many of whom have taken to living in makeshift shelters or caves. Because leaving was so sudden, most are ill-prepared to survive long-term, meaning they are desperate for food security and clean water.

"We are running out of these quantities," Ali Hezam Salah told the publication from the cave he has lived in with his family since May. "We are in urgent need [of] food aid."

According to the publication, humanitarian groups have been diligent in trying to provide supplies to those displaced in Yemen, though it has grown increasingly difficult as roads to the caves now have local militia groups lining them.

Since August, more than 9,500 people have left the Arhab region, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. And with the current challenges, more people are being left without food, water and more.

Aside from food insecurity, many children are also suffering from the psychological effects of leaving their homes to reside in caves, Sheikh Mohammed al-Eraishani, a spokesman for the Arhab tribal communities, told the source. 
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