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Drought in Vietnam a dire concern

Hydropower as a source for electricity in Vietnam is being threatened by low-precipitation and drought, according to IRIN News.

"Given the increase in severity of droughts being experienced in Vietnam, the country's overdependence on hydropower means it can expect to experience more energy blackouts," Ame Trandems, of the International Rivers NGO based in the U.S., told the news source.

Hydropower supplies about one-third of the electricity needs of Vietnam, while crops are requiring more water due to dry weather conditions.

Already, about 2.7 billion cubic meters of water were used to irrigate about 635,000 hectares of land. That amount is the equivalent of about 500 million kilowatts of electricity, according to the news source.

If the drought continues and food security becomes an increasing problem, the only solution may be to give up electricity.

Vietnam, a country of 89 million people, has experienced severe famine and has a history of poor food security.

Between 600,000 to 2 million people died in the great famines of Vietnam between 1944 and 1945, according to the Asia Times Online.
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