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Dubai businesses want government to look abroad for farms

Business leaders in Dubai are asking the country's Chamber of Commerce to consider sowing farms in foreign countries in order to produce commodities such as rice, wheat and milk, according to The National.

As food security concerns rise throughout the world, Dubai remains a small state, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAB), and a center more known for its tourism, real estate and financial services than for farming.

"Business leaders are thinking strategically about [buying land for cultivation across the globe] as an opportunity to deal with this challenge. [The UAE is] not the best climate to produce things [and] to grow everything we want really locally", Mr. Hamad Buamin, director general of the Chamber of Commerce, told the news source.

According to Buamin, Africa, Brazil and Southeast Asia are places where Dubai could potentially buy farms. The director general also mentioned the U.S. as a possibility.

"We know some existing business leaders already have a special relationship with different parts of the world and are having discussions [on farming land]," said Buamin.

The 6th Dubai International Food Safety Conference is to take place between February 27 to March 1 at the Dubai International and Exhibition Center.
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