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Due to drought, Somalia in dire humanitarian situation

Somalia is receiving humanitarian aid to help with its drought crisis, according to a new report from All Headline News.

"Today, we are here to accept humanitarian assistance from our brother country of the United Arab Emirates and my government is promising the aid will reach the needy and drought affected people," Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali told the news source.

Dr. Ali is the prime minister of Somalia, a country that has received aid from the UAE twice in the past three months. The United Nations has also reported on the high numbers of people forced to relocate to places such as the Kenyan city of Dadaab.

Fighting continues in the country between Islamic groups such as al Shabaad, Hezb al-Islamiya and the government, according to There has been a history of civil warfare in the country, spanning the last 18 years, reports the news source.
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