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EU accused of "sleepwalking" amid food insecurity problems

Oxfam, the U.K. charity organization, is accusing the European Union of great neglect when it comes to global food security problems, according to a new report from Reuters.

An Oxfam official recently said that the EU was "sleepwalking" while the world faced unprecedented food insecurity issues.
"The potent combination of power, policies and financial punch gives the European Union the potential to shape the global food security debate," said Elise Ford, who heads the Oxfam International EU office in Brussels. "But instead, Europe is sleepwalking as the world enters into an unprecedented and avoidable reversal in human development."

The World Bank president, Robert Zoellick, also declared food security a major issue. He called the current situation "one shock away from a full-fledged crisis," according to the New York Times.

World food prices were at an all-time high in April of this year, compared to records kept as far back as 1990. Global population increases put a further strain on food security concerns. Meanwhile, food waste continues to occur, according to
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