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Earthquake followed by tsunamis, and now global aid

Japan has a population of more than 126 million and experiences about 1,500 earthquake tremors per year, according to MSN.

However, the 9.0-magnitude quake that shook the country on Friday, March 11, is the largest in the nation's recorded history.

The number of dead or missing is rising by the thousands.

Much of the damage was caused by tsunamis that reached as high as 30 feet. The waves swept over entire cities and caused damage at nuclear power plants in Northeastern Japan.

The official death toll is upwards of 2,000 and the number of evacuated people totals more than 439,000, according to the Christian Science Monitor (CSM). More than 100 countries have offered aid to Japan.

According to a separate report from CSM, Russia has offered coal and gas, as well as three planes' worth of humanitarian aid to Japan. Russia and Japan were not on good terms prior to the quake, disputing over territories in the Kuril Islands. Russia and Japan also never officially made peace post-World War II.
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