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Eastern Africa continues to suffer from food insecurity

Countries in eastern Africa continue to struggle to obtain food security as drought and high food prices have left many hungry, IRIN reports.

In Ethiopia, the steady rise in the cost of food has left many to wonder how they'll be able to afford their next meal.

"[Buying] meat and butter is unthinkable; meat has gone up from 40 to 45 birr [US$2.60] a kilo four months ago to 90 birr [$5.20] a kilo now," Solomon Bekele, 55, a father of five, told the news outlet. "Butter is now around 120 birr [$6.95] a kilo from just 60 birr [$3.47] in October 2010."

According to the Ethiopia's Central Statistical Agency (CSA), food prices rose by 47.4 percent in July, in comparison to the rate of 12.8 percent in February of this year.

Somalia is another country suffering the effects of severe famine based on continued droughts. Because of this perfect storm, food prices there have also jumped.

"We eat one or two of the usual three meals every day because of the high price of food; two months ago, half a kilo of rice cost 20,000 shillings [$0.66], but now it costs 40,000 shillings [$1.32]," Fadumo Hassan Abdi, a mother of six told the news outlet.

Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda also continue to fight famine, as humanitarian groups step in to assess the growing problem.
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