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Ethnic minorities more likely to drop out of school in Bangladesh

While the importance of education is well-known throughout the world, some individuals may not be able to afford the luxury of learning.

According to a new report from IRIN, ethnic minority children residing in the southeast Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) region of Bangladesh are the least literate in the country and face a higher risk of dropping out of school. More than 55 percent of residents from CHT have had no form of schooling.

The news source suggests that it's because these children often face the biggest adversity in schools run by the government.

"Ethnic minority children communicate in their mother tongue in their house," Saikat Biswas, a program officer for Oxfam GB, told the news provider. "But, in school, they are compelled to face Bengali text while the teachers are also from the Bengali community. The whole teaching method is in Bangla."

According to SIL International, a nonprofit organization focused on building language development, 98 percent of illiterate individuals are from developing nations. It's important for these individuals to receive some form of education in order to help them live a higher quality of life.
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