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European Commissioner pledges increased humanitarian support to Yemen

Following a visit to Yemen, the European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response, Kristalina Ivanova Georgieva, expressed her surprise at the “beautiful nature and civilization in Yemen,” according to a recent SABA (Yemen News Agency) report.

In an interview with 26 September Newspaper, Georgieva revealed that her visit was based on three initiatives - to thank the Yemeni people for receiving refugees, to express European support for the peace process in Yemen, and to review increased humanitarian and developmental support to the country.

“This is a critical time to Yemen and the international community must provide inclusive assistances [sic] to Yemen,” said Georgieva, who also visited camps where Yemen receives thousands of African refugees. “What I have found represent [sic] to me a story about generosity in this country and I commit myself to narrate it to the whole world. The story is about the Yemeni generosity in receiving Somali refugees.”

Yemen, a nation that has seen bloody tribal conflicts, currently receives about $230 million in development assistance from Europe, and about $40 million in humanitarian assistance, said Georgieva. The developmental efforts include building and maintaining schools and roads.
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