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Feminist Economics receives grant for food security

The Ford Foundation has granted $250,000 to the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE), in support of a project on "Land, Gender, and Food Security," according to the Nebraska State Paper.

The IAFFE was started in 1990 after a group of women economists met and held discussions at the American Economic Association Conference in Washington, D.C., according to the group's official website.

The group plans to use the Ford Foundation grant to study land leases and acquisitions in developing countries, and how women are involved in land and agriculture.

"The impacts of these land acquisitions on poor women farmers and consumers have been overlooked in most of the discussions to date. The support from the Ford Foundation will allow the association to bring key gender issues into the debates among researchers and activists," Ann Mari May, an economics professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where IAFFE is based, told the news source.

Part of the money will also be spent to support scholars from Africa, where the IAFFE says "traditionally underrepresented voices" should be given a chance to present their views.
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