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Flood victims in Sindh region of Pakistan continue to suffer without proper aid

Survivors of the floods that began in August that tore apart the Sindh province in Pakistan, report they have received little help in the aftermath, even as disease spreads and people have been left with nothing, IRIN reports.

"No supplies have been delivered to our area for weeks, and we lost our animals and crops in the flood, so we have barely anything to eat beyond some dried dates and a little rice donated by a neighbor," Sumbul Bibi, a resident of Sanghar, one of the worst-hit districts, told the publication.

In other regions, like Karachi, stagnant water still remains and many worry that water borne-diseases will begin to spread in the near future.

"We can see mosquitoes hovering above these ditches where water stands, and malaria is spreading here quite fast," Nawaz Ahmed, another resident, told the source.

Humanitarian organizations like the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) are also concerned with the lack of support given to the region.

"A plethora of problems face the rain-affected populations of the two districts," HRCP addressed in a press release recently. "The rains have devastated houses and livelihoods, destroying crops and killing livestock on a large scale. Children and old people are in particularly bad shape and vulnerable to disease."

To date, there are still 9,178,811 people facing problems in the Sindh area because of the floods, while more than 213,000 homes have been destroyed and at least 127,000 people still reside in relief camps.
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