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Flooding in Kenya now affecting more than 40,000 residents

Torrential downpours in Kenya have washed away homes, roads and bridges, causing food security and safety crises among the residents, IRIN reports.

Nelly Muluka, the public relations and communications officer for the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS), reports that so far 12 people have lost their lives while more than 40,000 others have been affected in some way due to the flooding.

"We are concerned about the livelihoods of those displaced by floods or heavy rain in various parts of the country and we have started distributing non-food items to those we have been able to reach," Muluka told the publication.

Aside from the immediate dangers brought on by the flooding, humanitarians are also worried about the long-term effects as farmers have lost crops and stagnant water could pose threats of diseases.

"In Garbatula [Isiolo district] for instance, hundreds of farmers have lost crops, we now have to look ahead and see how they will be assisted in terms of livelihood support," Muluka told the news outlet. "In other areas, there is the danger of waterborne diseases breaking out after latrines and boreholes were submerged and in other areas, water pipelines have burst."

Now, humanitarian groups and relief workers are working around the clock to find ways to deliver food, mosquito nets, tents, blankets and medicine to the thousands in need. 
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