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Floods in parts of Kenya cause health concerns at makeshift camps

For those who fled their homes after violence ensued in the 2008 post-election in Kenya, a new concern is brewing as dirty flood water is rushing into their makeshift camps, IRIN reports.

Aside from losing all of their worldly possessions during the fighting, residents of the Rift Valley are now facing cholera outbreaks as well as food security woes as the water is rifling through their tents.

"We have to spend some nights at nearby Murindu Primary school when our tents flood," Agnes Wairimu, chairwoman of the Vumilia Camp in Gilgil told the news outlet. "We had to return [to camp] last Sunday as the schools were set to re-open on Monday, yet most of us had filthy flood water in our tents."

The flooding carries human waste into the camps from the shallow latrines at the shelters.

"I had to throw away about 50kg of beans, which I had kept for my family, as [they] were badly contaminated," George Mwangi, a camp resident told the news source. "I have to squeeze myself on a neighbor's bed and spread out my family members to well-wishers in the camp."

Aside from the poor accommodations, Mwangi added that the ground is completely soaked and that the tents smell terrible.
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