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Food Minister says Indian weddings waste food

India is known for its extravagant weddings, filled with food, people and sometimes elephants. On February 22, however, a new report announced a potential food security law seeking to limit the waste of food at Indian weddings, according to The Hindu.

“There is huge wastage of food at weddings and other social functions. It is a criminal wastage. We are finding out mechanism to bring down such wastage of food. We are not going to [the extent of limiting the number of guests]. We will either launch an awareness campaign or if need be bring in a new legislation,” K.V. Thomas, Food and Consumer Affairs Minister, told the news source.

Roughly 50 percent of Indian children under the age of 5 are under-nourished, while 15 to 20 percent of the food at an elaborate Indian wedding is wasted, according to

"It's true that people waste a lot because there's a huge variety of dishes and they take a bit of everything to try it. There's a limit to the amount anyone can eat though," Neeti Bhargava, a wedding planner, told the news source.

Some of the uneaten food may be given to the poor through a new food security bill, according to IndiaToday.
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