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Food insecurity in Somalia now being called the "children famine"

The combination of continued natural disasters and political conflict in Somalia has left thousands without food and in desperate need of care, Reuters reports.

As more families are leaving their homes in search of adequate food and shelter, the long journeys have been taking a toll on travelers, specifically mothers and children, according to the news outlet.

Those most at risk tend to be mothers and children, Josette Sheeran, executive director of the UN World Food Programme (WFP) said. She called the crisis the "children's famine" as the lack of food and proper care tend to hit children the hardest through death, or severe loss of brain function.

"I believe it is the children's famine, because the ones who are the weakest are the children and those are the ones we're seeing are the least likely to make it," Sheeran told Reuters

More aid is needed to address the problem that is affecting over 12 million people, Sheeran said.

"We are seeing all the points able to distribute food completely overwhelmed," Sheeran told the news outlet. She further added that a camp in Dadaab, Kenya that was built for 90,000 people now houses 400,000.

WFP is continuing to bring and promote the need for aid to the area. "We need to scale up our programs, and especially the nutrition programs, in order to avoid children falling into severe malnutrition," Stephanie Savariaud, a WFP spokeswoman, told Reuters.

Thus far WFP has helped feed 1.5 million of those in need in Somalia, while the other people are getting aid from the government and other humanitarian groups around the world.
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