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Food prices too high, say protesters in Delhi, India

Trade unions in India have organized a massive protest in the streets of Delhi, protesting the rise of food prices on Wednesday morning, February 23, according to the BBC.

About 40,000 people are expect to gather at the Ramlila grounds and a march towards parliament is anticipated to follow.

The protests are supported by the All India Trade Union Congress, the Center for Industrial Trade Union and the Indian National Trade Union Congress.

Meanwhile, growing international food prices are also benefiting India in terms of its wheat, rice and sugar supplies.

On February 23, India's farm minister asked for wheat, rice and sugar exports to continue in an effort to benefit from high global demand and prices.

"This is the right time to give serious thought over allowing exports of certain quantities of rice, wheat and sugar as we have ample stocks. World prices are very good while the harvest looks favorable. Exports should be allowed only to the extent where it doesn't hurt domestic consumers," said Sharad Pawar.

India's wheat and rice production is the second largest in the world, according to Reuters.
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