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Food security plagued by confusion in Somalia

With rainy seasons coming soon in Somalia, residents and local aid agencies are urging for more international help, IRIN reports.

In an open letter sent to the international community on September 21, 20 aid agencies in Somalia wrote that while aid was getting to many regions, it is not enough to make a difference.

"It is not at the scale needed to address the enormity of the crisis and hundreds of thousands of lives hang in the balance," the letter said. The authors added that only around 30 to 40 percent of the food needed is getting to the people.

Groups further warned that upcoming rainy seasons could lead way to a disease outbreak as thousands of people are still living in cramped makeshift camps, sharing minimal sanitation facilities, the publication reports.

"We don’t have the roads, the transport capacity [or] the human resources [to deliver aid] and insecurity in parts of the country is an issue of concern," Abdullahi Shirwa, head of Somalia's National Disaster Management Agency told the news outlet.

Aside from insufficient roads and people to supply the goods, other aid workers also told the news outlet that the Somali government has been known to confuse policy on which routes and roads humanitarians have access to within the country.

"One minute they say you can go anywhere you want and the next they say you cannot go to Al-Shabab territory," an aid worker who wanted to remain anonymous told the publication. "It is as if the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. It is very confusing."  
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