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Food supplies uncertain in current disorder of Tunisia

Tunisians expressed concern over the growing shortages of basic food commodities as the nation struggles to restore order following the revolt against former autocratic president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

According to the BBC, street violence has prompted the military to patrol cities with tanks and has cut off supplies to shops and stations.

"There are major food shortages. We don't have enough bread and flour. We risk a food crisis if this continues," a woman named Najla told the Agence France-Presse agency, according to the news source.

Analysts have conjectured that the unrest in Tunisia may be the foreshadowing of a new round of global food riots after the FAO's chief economist said that the global food price index's record high this month marked the entrance into a "danger territory," the Washington Post reports.

Ben Ali had publicly announced his intentions to stabilize the prices of bread, milk and sugar in Tunisia the day before thousands of protesters stormed the capital on Friday, according to the news source.
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