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Freezing temperatures and snow in parts of Afghanistan pose problems for citizens

Unexpected chills in Afghanistan have led to the death of more than 150 people over the past month, and officials peg lack of proper clothing, shelter and food security as the main cause, IRIN reports.

According to the source, the majority of the deaths occurred in Kabul and the northern province of Badakshan.

Sediq Hassani, the director of policy at the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority told the news outlet that all measures have been taken to ensure those in dire need of food and shelter get help. However, he added that they haven't been completely successful in reaching everyone, mainly due to road restrictions and a lack monetary help from the government and international aid.

"In the last few days, 35 children were killed by pneumonia in two districts of Badakhshan Province and more than 30 others by avalanches in the last few weeks," Abdul Marouf Rasekh, a spokesperson for the governor of Badakhshan told the publication. The New York Times reports that many of the children who died had fled war zones and were residing in makeshift refugee camps when the chill set in.

In response, the organization Save The Children is working to provide families in regions with snowfall with adequate blankets and other amenities to try and keep them warm.
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