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Germany commits $6 million to sustainable agriculture

Germany's government has recently allocated nearly $6 million toward climate-smart agriculture and food security initiatives in developing nations with the U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

According to Food & Beverage News, the agreement is part of a widespread initiative on behalf of the FAO to promotion nutrition and local foods to families in Asia and Africa.

A little over $2 million of the total funding will go toward a three-year evaluation of the food habits in place in order to better inform future nutrition and education initiatives in developing countries.

Other projects receiving German aid include the promotion of sisal, a renewable fiber resource, as well as initiatives to aid emergency food programs in Haiti and to develop the bonds between food security and sustainable climate change adaptations, the news source reports.

Germany's sustainability strategy is hallmarked by its view that "every generation must solve its own problems rather than passing them on to the next generation" and that renewable resources should only be used in quantities that won't eventually deplete the supply, according to Regierung Online.
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