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Germany to double aid to Sri Lanka for flood and food security

German Ambassador Jens Ploetner announced on February 9 that Germany will double its relief effort in Sri Lanka to 500,000 Euros.

Sri Lanka has been devastated by heavy flooding, to the point that they may lose more than one million tons of rice, over a third of their harvest, according to IRIN News.

"We expected a yield of around 2.75 million metric tons from the harvest due in March to April," the secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture, Kulugammanne Karunathileke, told the news source. "After the heavy rains we will only get around 1.75 million."

The European Commission and EU members have joined together to pledge over 3 million Euros to Sri Lanka humanitarian aid in response to the natural disaster, according to the German Embassy's website.

"The latest news from the flood-affected areas are dramatic!" said Ambassador Jens Ploetner. "True friendship proves itself in times of need [and in] Germany, people are saddened to see so many Sri Lankans undergoing such severe hardships."

As a result of the pledged funds, the EU will be the single biggest donor in the effort to provide humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka. 
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