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Girls in rural Pakistan long for an education

In the rural Pakistan province of Balochistan, more than 90 percent of women have never been to school, IRIN reports.

The news outlet reports that here, in the Bolan district, there are no educational facilities leaving residents with little means to better their lifestyles. Now, in an attempt to change this, an elderly female villager, who left the region years ago in search of proper schooling, has vowed to return to teach the girls basic education, though the odds are against her.

Fazila Aliani, a humanitarian, educationalist and former member of the Balochistan provincial assembly, told the news outlet that the main reason there are no schools in the area is due to the insurgency, while lack of funding also plagues the region.

"[A] lack of necessary funds, absence of a well-defined education policy, lack of girls' schools, acute shortage of teaching staff, and poverty are other factors which contribute to the backwardness," Aliani told the publication.

Aliani added that educational facilities within the region are "non-existent" and explained that although humanitarian groups have discussed building schools here, many found it too challenging based on the lack of security and government resistance.

Now, Aliani is reaching out to the government and other humanitarian groups within the country to raise awareness on the dismal educational options for women in an attempt to get funding to make schools a reality this time around.
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