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Global Alliance Chair calls food security "matter of war and peace"

The Chairman of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Jayaseelan Naidoo, wrote in the Huffington Post about the recent Jasmine Revolution in the Middle East.

Naidoo reiterates that historical revolutions such as those in France and India were linked to social discontent around food security.

The French Revolution occurred during a period of wheat shortage in 1788 and 1789, and Indians followed Gandhi in his 1930 march, protesting the British salt tax during the "Salt Satyagraha," according to Naidoo.

While bread prices rose by almost 90 percent during the French Revolution, bread prices increased by 30 percent in 2010, a factor that contributed to the social protests in Tunisia and Egypt earlier this year.

With climate change, growing living and food standards in China and India and about 1 billion people worldwide already living in hunger, Naidoo sees the current problem of food security as reaching critical mass.

The Gates Foundation announced a few days before Naidoo's report that it would focus $70 million on food security research, with part of the money going towards research on crop disease affecting wheat.
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