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Global Harvest Initiative takes aim at food security problems

A new issue brief titled "Strengthening and Streamlining Development Assistance Programs" was released by the Global Harvest Initiative, which aims to tackle hunger problems throughout the world.

"There are approximately one billion people currently suffering from chronic hunger and malnutrition worldwide, and even small disruptions in global food supply worsen this unfortunate situation," said Dr. Margaret Zeigler, Deputy Director of the Congressional Hunger Center, a GHI Consultative Partner.

According to an April report from the United Nations, global food prices are at an all-time high since 1990. The New York Times reported that uprisings in the Middle East had much to do with global food insecurity and rising prices of staple food items.

On May 26, American legislators adjourned to discuss agriculture, forestry and other issues related to nutrition and food security.

"By working to make development assistance programs more efficient and effective, we can accelerate progress toward alleviating global hunger and strengthening food security worldwide," said Dr. William Lesher, the executive director of the Global Harvest Initiative.
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