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Guinea improving nutrition due to agricultural findings

Experts that have been constructing Guinea's agricultural plan for 2011-2015 have added a nutritional component for the first time ever to improve hunger issues.

“There is a realization that agriculture is not production alone,” Kaba Camara of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock told IRIN. “We need to ensure people are educated about proper feeding habits and monitor people’s nutritional status.”

The improved plan in Guinea will include nutrition education, malnutrition treatment and improved access to nutrient-rich foods. According to IRIN, the difficulty will be actually implenting the plan.

The decision to add a health component came after the 2010 forum of the Economic Community of West African States said that the division between nutrition and agriculture should no longer exist.

According to a conference from the International Food Policy Research Institute, agriculture has the ability to significantly improve poor people's nutrition. The conference addressed how people can better invest in agriculture to improve nutrition.

There are still questions about how to improve nutrition through agriculture. Experts understand that there is an important link there but how to actually do it has been yet to be discovered, according to the news source. 
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