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HIV-positive residents in Kenya faced with new crisis as food insecurity rises

Those suffering from the food crisis in Kenya caused by prolonged droughts are facing new troubles, as HIV-positive citizens are growing weaker with lack of proper care, IRIN reports.

"Life is hard for everybody, but when food aid is not getting to people in the rural areas early enough, many of those suffering from HIV find it extremely difficult to survive, because they can't make the journeys to trading centres to look for food," Junnius Mutegi, the district nutrition officer for Garba Tulla District told the news outlet. "It is either you get it to them or they die of hunger."

With many living in rural parts of Kenya that are hard to get to, and with the approximately 3.6 million Kenyans in need of emergency food overall, people are just not getting sufficient aid, according to the news outlet.

"We have food meant for the hungry people but some areas are just too hard to reach," an aid worker in Isiolo told told the news outlet. "By the time the food [aid] gets to them, many have already gone without anything to eat for days."

With 4 percent of the population in Isiolo infected with HIV, food security problems could worsen if those suffering don't receive adequate care, according to local health officials.
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