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Heavy rains tear up crops in Uganda

Farmers in the mountainous regions of Uganda are being warned about continued heavy rains in the upcoming weeks, which could kill crops and cause food insecurity, IRIN reports.

"More rains are expected and we are seeing it [is] intense in some parts of the country," Paul Isabirye, assistant commissioner for data processing and applied meteorology in Uganda told the news outlet.

Rains have cut off roads, washed away entire fields of crops and have prompted numerous landslides throughout the country.

"All my crops are gone; I planted an acre of soya beans with maize in the hope that I would get some money when they mature, but the rain flooded the garden," Latang Odel, a resident in the Karamoja's Moroto district told the news source.

The region is already prone to hunger, which means it will be even worse next year as many of the crops that were just planted are gone, according to Peter Ken Lochap, chairman of the district.

According to the source, the most affected areas include Rupa, Napak, Patany and mountain regions of Moroto.

"Farmers need assistance in the form of short-term maturing seeds so that they can have something in the second season," Alabi Ajavu, agriculture production coordinator for Moyo district in the West Nile region told the news outlet.
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