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Hindu Business Line: Food coupons better than public distribution system

According to a member of the upper house of the Indian Parliament, the public distribution system (PDS) currently in place to provide food in the country is not working, reports The Hindu Business Line.

"The PDS, by its nature, offers great opportunities for pilferage," writes Shetkari Sangatana, founder of the Hindu Business Line and a Rajya Sabha MP.

Sangatana believes that a system of food coupons would be better than both the rationing system and the theft-prone PDS.

Recently, Indian officials have stressed the need to reach higher standards in agriculture.

"Competitions posed by globalization and opening up of economies, ethical issues of trade related intellectual property rights, genetically modified foods and organisms and enforcement of strict quality regimes need immediate attention while developing technically qualified manpower," said Sharad Pawar, Minister for Agriculture and Food Processing Industries, according to Sify News.

Food security is a growing concern in India, one of the world's most populated countries. On February 23, people took to the streets of Delhi to protest rising food prices, according to the BBC.
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