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Hospital supplies start to diminish as flooding in Thailand continues

Flooding in Thailand has left many residents homeless and in food security crises, and now hospitals are also struggling as drug shortages build up, IRIN reports.

According to the Health Ministry, flooding has stopped the production of 393 registered medicines in more than 10 factories in Bangkok and other provinces.

"Hospitals are panicking now, though they are not necessarily running out of supplies," Pongpan Wongmanee, deputy secretary-general of the government's Food and Drug Administration, told the publication.

Wongmanee added that most supplies will run out in about a month. However, many hospital officials reject this prediction, claiming that as conditions in the nation worsen, more people will be coming to the hospitals, diminishing supplies at an even faster rate.

"At this point, the biggest limitation is medication," Pranya Sakiyalak, assistant dean of public relations at Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok, told the source. "There are lots of volunteers and nurses, but very little medication."

Sakiyalak reported that humanitarian groups and hospital volunteers have been running a mobile medical operation daily to Ayutthaya, one of the hardest-hit regions.

Currently, 73 highways in 15 provinces are badly damaged, while 223 roads in 30 provinces have been deemed impassible. These conditions are only adding to growing health problems throughout the country. 
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