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Humanitarian aid efforts impeded by fighting in Misrata

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi continues to shell the city of Misrata, which is in desperate need of humanitarian aid, according to a new report from Channel 4 news. However, a ship that was to bring such aid to the city was hit by Gaddafi's fires.

"We demand that Gaddafi stops shelling his own people. We demand unfettered access not only for these humanitarian missions into Misrata, but also in Tripoli, where the UN people have had to leave," U.K.'s International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell told the news source.

According to Mitchell, this most recent humanitarian ship was the fourth sent on behalf of Britain. Five humanitarian aid ships have been sponsored by Britain so far.

The news source reports that Misrata is in rebel control, but it is the only city in the western part of Libya that is not controlled by Gaddafi.

Libya has a population of almost 6.6 million people, according to the CIA World Factbook. The country's capital, Tripoli, is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The country is composed of 97 percent Sunni Muslims, and Arabic, Italian and English are the country's languages.
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