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Humanitarian groups turn efforts to education, empowerment in Somalia

Several proposed programs in Somalia hope to help give the younger generations a chance to make something of themselves, IRIN reports.

For decades, Somalian people have achieved food security thanks to humanitarian organizations, though now many groups are hoping to switch gears to education and sustainability options to the younger generations, rather than just giving out food, according to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

"Now [with the famine] there is a new trend, a lot of money is being poured into the country, we must use this opportunity to bring about change," Atta al Manane, the OIC assistant secretary-general and head of humanitarian affairs told the publication. "The current situation demands that we work in such a way as to bring real change by initiating development projects that can change people's lives. After 20 years of pouring money into Somalia we find ourselves confronted by famine. Can we speak about development while there is a war? Humanitarians can provide the answer."

Humanitarian groups recently got together during the Humanitarian Forum on September 26 and 27. Here, leaders in their fields spoke about the importance of empowering the youth of the country and finding ways to make better financial choices to aid the growing population, the news outlet reports. 
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