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Humanitarian organizations in S. Korea will send aid to North

Seoul, South Korea, has authorized the delivery of humanitarian aid to Pyongyang in North Korea, according to All Headline News (AHN).

Two organizations - the Okedongmu Children group and the Korea Association of People Sharing Love - have been granted approval from the South Korean Unification Ministry, said Lee Jong-jo, a spokesman for the ministry.

Okedongmu Children will send about $72,900 worth of medical products and the Korea Association of People Sharing Love will send about $15,700 worth of food to a North Pyeongan Province orphanage.

Humanitarian aid to the north was banned due to a clash last year, but the prohibition has since been removed. North Korea has a 2009 GDP of about $40 billion, compared to South Korea's 2009 GDP of $1.383 trillion, according to the CIA World Factbook. The 2010 GDP for South Korea was about $1.467 trillion.
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