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Humanitarian situation in Yemen is dire

The World Food Programme is trying to help Yemen in the midst of its humanitarian crisis. However, there are multiple challenges in place, according to the Blog Critics.

Gian Carlo Cirri is the U.N. WFP's Yemen initiative chief. He called the current humanitarian situation in Yemen the "worst" in history.

"Yemen is undergoing its worst humanitarian crisis ever," Cirri told the news source. "I cannot recall a time when hardship has been greater in recent Yemeni history."

Hunger and lack of food security persists in Yemen, a country that faces continuing population growth and lack of resources to sustain these developments, according to the CIA. Yemen is very dependent on oil, a resource that is steadily decreasing. There are 24 million people estimated to live in Yemen, a country that is among the poorest in the world, with one of the lowest levels of food security.
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