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Humanitarians prompt Ugandan government to combat infant mortality

As infant and maternal mortality rates in Uganda continue to rise, NGOs demand to see more government action done to help combat the problem, IRIN reports.

The most recent figures to date show that 16 Ugandan women die every day during childbirth, and 76 newborns out of 1,000 won't live to be 1 year old, according to a 2006 health survey.

"These unacceptable figures prove that basic maternal and infant care is not being provided, which is against the right to health recognized by international treaties ratified by Uganda, and against the constitution, which guarantees the rights of mothers," Moses Mulumba, director of the Centre for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD), told the news outlet.

CEHURD has since filed a petition to try to force the government to use aid money to improve the conditions of mothers and their infants before, during and after childbirth.

"We are fed up with the broken promises of the government - that they will provide us with the blood, ambulances, medicines and health workers," Mable Kukunda of the United Healthcare Organization (UNHCO) told the news outlet.

Without proper doctors, medicines and supplies needed for childbirth, humanitarians fear the death rate will continue to skyrocket.
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