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In the U.S., food security remains a problem

One in seven people in the East Baton Rouge Parish face food security problems, according to a Feeding America finding reported in The Advocate.

Food insecurity is the state of not knowing where one's "next meal will come from," according to the news source.

Contrary to common belief, Feeding America found that 45 percent of those facing food security have incomes above the federal poverty threshold. Conversely, about 53 percent of poor households have food security issues.

Feeding America studied both state and national USDA food insecurity data and estimated that 50 million Americans are facing food security problems and hunger.

The report is titled "Map the Meal Gap" and an executive summary can be found and downloaded online on Feeding America's website.

In East Baton Rouge Parish, about 64,200 people do not quality for food assistance because their income is deemed too high - above $29,055 for a family of four - but they nevertheless face food insecurity, according to The Advocate.
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